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FGV IFFCO has fats with palm oil fractions to meet the bakery requirements. It also includes aerated and non aerated varieties and partially hardened fats with low trans content. Typically made with the combination of liquid oil, the products result in ideal, lighter, crispier biscuits and cookies.


Our products in this category are:

Sub-Applications Products Characteristics Pack Size
Biscuit Dough Fat IFFCO PO BD 25N Non lauric soft fat. Good fluidity for spraying. Good mouth feel. Improved shelf life of the finished products. 20 kg BIB
Biscuit Dough, General Bakery Applications. IFFCO HQPO 36 High quality palm oil. Excellent oxidative stability. Improved shelf life of the finished product. 20 kg carton
Biscuit Dough IFFCO BSFN /M Non lauric medium dough fat. Good aeration. 20 kg carton

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