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>> Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR)

Are mainly used in compound coatings, due to certain compatibility with cocoa butter; these fats can be used in combination with cocoa butter to give compounds suitable for both coatings and moulding.
These fats are all of non-lauric origin and therefore there is no risk of soapy taste in the finished product. Compounds made with CBRs do not need tempering.
This line of products includes a low trans content and zero trans replacers which are non-lauric, non tempered, hardened and fractionated specialty fats inheriting similar sensory and heat stability as that of cocoa butter.


Our products in this category are:

Sub-Applications Products Characteristics Pack Size

Enrobing & Solid Filled Confectionery,

Chocolate Filling

IFFCO RCO FL ZT Zero trans CBR. 20 kg carton
Compound Chocolate, Chocolate Paste IFFCO RCO FL 15 LT Non lauric, non tempered, fractionated & hardened CBR. Low Trans. 20 kg carton

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