Corporate Governance

At FGV IFFCO, we strive to match our clients' expectations of quality and service excellence. All of our efforts are driven by our consumer's needs and requirements. We aim to provide an integrated approach to the entire oils and fats industry. We can take your concept from the laboratory through commercial production, enhancing performance and the quality of your products, every step of the way. We respect the customs and beliefs of the countries in which we operate; and so all our plants are Kosher, Halal, HACCP and GMP compliant to assure outstanding quality control, product purity, and secure supply.
Our capabilities extend from the harvesting of the oil palm from our own plantations to refining of the crude oil in our own refineries located at key points across the world, and converting the raw oil into a complete range of oils and fats. We strive to give your products the benefit of science-driven ingredient platforms that refine the best of what nature has to offer to satisfy life's needs. With the global reach and resources of FGV and IFFCO companies, we manage our oils from source to market for total supply chain control, thus benefitting our clients irrespective of the industry they come from.

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