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Normally dairy fats are used in the production of cheese but more and more producers want to replace the expensive butter fat with vegetable fats, which are cheaper and from a nutritional point of view even healthier. We have developed a fat for use in the production of cheese by improving its structural quality and taste. Cheese substitutes can be tailor made for individual customers for specific applications using either non-lauric or lauric fats. The dairy replacers enhance the function provided by the fat in terms of flavor, texture, and mouth feel. The usage of replacer cuts the fat consumption by 1/3 and yet complies with the dietary recommendations. The main objective of substitution is the reduction in cost of raw materials as well as improved nutritional benefits and production properties.


Our products and their applications are:

Sub-Applications Products Characteristics Pack Size
Fat for Feta Cheese, Biscuit Spray Fat IFFCO PRO FAT FCS Non hardened fat for feta cheese. Excellent flavour release. Excellent oxidative stability. Trans fat free. 20 kg BIB, 190 kg drum, flexi tank.
Fat for Cream Cheese, Fat for Reconstituted Milk/Yoghurt and Evaporated Milk, Biscuit Dough Fat IFFCO PO BD 25N Non lauric soft fat. Good fluidity for spraying. Good mouth feel. Improved shelf life of the finished products. 20 kg BIB, 190 kg drum
Ice Cream Coating, Ice Cream Mass, Cream Cheese IFFCO PRO FFT 45 Non lauric specialty fat for ice cream coating and mass. Excellent flavour release. Zero trans. 20 kg carton
Fat for Moulded Cheese, Biscuit Dough Fat IFFCO BSFN 41 Non lauric fat. Non hardened. Excellent oxidative stability. 20 kg carton
Reconstituted Milk/Yoghurt, Biscuit Dough, General Bakery Applications, Fat for Condensed Milk, Culinary Cream IFFCO HQPO 36 High quality palm oil. Excellent oxidative stability. Improved shelf life of the finished product. 20 kg carton
Milk Powder, Coffee Whitener IFFCO PRO ICMP 40 Lauric hardened fat. Excellent oxidative stability for spray drying. 20 kg carton
Milk Fat Replacer IFFCO MFR 33 Non hardened blend of lauric & non lauric based fats. Excellent melting profile. 20 kg carton
Liquid Tea Whitener IFFCO LT 5A Fast emulsification. Excellent oxidative stability. 16 kg carton, Bulk
Butter Oil Substitute IFFCO PRO BOS 36 Butter oil replacer. Good melting profile. Excellent for roasting coffee beans. 20 kg carton

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