Our Products

Nearly every item you use in your everyday lives, from the food that you eat and the medicines you take, to the personal items you use and the paint on your walls, each and every item has an oil and fat component in it.

Our oils and specialty fats are used in thousands of products from food and beverages, to ice creams and confectionery, and from make-up and skin products to paint, industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

The only thing common in all of these products is the FGV IFFCO seal of purity and quality, for which we are known worldwide. Explore the world of FGV IFFCO products that can convert endless possibilities into your reality.

Chocolates-and-Confectionary Chocolate & Confectionery
Baking Fats Baking Fats & Margarine
Dairy Dairy
filling Fats Filling & Spreading Fats
frying Fats Frying Fats
snacks Snacks
soup Hard Stocks
Food Service Food Service
Spray Drying Spray Drying
Spray Drying Non-food Applications
Bulk Oils Bulk Oils
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