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FGV IFFCO has introduced a new caliber product for baking fat termed as “Emulsified Fat”. It is a combination of palm based oil as well as soft oil. The emulsified blend of liquid and solid fat results in perfect baking and leavening volume.

FGV IFFCO manufactures specialty puff pastry margarine that produces pastries with buttery flavor and exceptional flakiness. During baking, fat that has been rolled or folded into the dough traps steam and separates the dough layers to create the mouth-watering flakiness. Pastry margarine is majorly palm oil based margarine, which is enriched with vitamins.


Our products in this category are:

Sub-Applications Products Characteristics Pack Size
Pastry IFFCO PASTRY FAT 47 Non hardened emulsified fat. Trans fat free. Excellent plasticity. 20 kg carton

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