FGV IFFCO produces a wide range of fats used in snack products like biscuits and extruded snacks. These fats have excellent fluidity to enable the spraying process. They have good oxidative stability giving the product a longer  shelf life and are completely free of trans fats. They can be used for both spraying, frying and for ice-cream coating or as an effective moisture barrier for food and snacks.

Sub-Applications Products Characteristics Pack Size
Spray Fat, Frying Fat IFFCO FRY 56 Good fluidity for spraying. Good oxidative stability. Zero trans. 20 ltr jerry can, 20 kg BIB
Ice Cream Fat for coating, Fat for mass and cone moisture barrier, Spray Fat for biscuits IFFCO ICMP H25 A coconut oil replacer. Profile is same as coconut oil. Low trans. Cost effective. 20 kg BIB, 190 kg drum
Fat for feta cheese, Biscuit Spray Fat IFFCO PRO FAT FCS Non hardened fat for feta cheese. Excellent flavour release. Excellent oxidative stability. Trans fat free. 20 kg BIB, 190 kg drum, flexi tank

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