FGV IFFCO obtained its RSPO certification in year 2010, we are certified under RSPO SCCS Certification Scheme for Identity Preserve (IP), Segregated (SG) and Mass Balance (MB). We have also obtained MSPO SG & MB certification since August 2019. Besides FFGV mills whom supply us with RSPO/MB and traceable oils, we are getting RSPO IP & SG materials from certified mills and palm kernel crushers to support the needs for supplies of RSPO products to the world.
FGV IFFCO is fully committed to ensure that the production and use of palm & palm kernel oils must be done in sustainable manner based on economic, social and environment viability. We, FGV IFFCO as part of the RSPO member will endeavour to work with relevant stakeholders to ensure palm products are derived from areas where there is No development on peat, No deforestation of High Conservation Value (HCV) lands or High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas and No exploitation of rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.
We work closely with the value chain partners, FGV and IFFCO Sustainability Team to encourage traceability and transparency to be embedded in their practices to create a more sustainable value chain. We will strive to maintain the Traceability Declaration Document from our value chain partners. We do not procure raw materials from illegal sources.
As a key proponent of the RSPO, FGV has played an active role in promoting sustainable practices in its application of the guidelines since its inception in 2004.
FGV was amongst the first agricultural companies to obtain the mill certification in 2010; and the first in the world to organise a smallholder group to obtain the RSPO Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) Certification. In the process of certifying the mills, FGV had also certified about 40,000 FELDA schemed smallholders. Although FGV had initially targeted to complete auditing all of their mills by 2017, they made such rapid progress to have all certification to be completed by 2015.
However, FGV's decision to withdraw from RSPO Principles and Criteria (P & C) Certification on 3 May 2016 was made to ensure any issue along the supply chain would be addressed and that the improvements had been implemented. In tandem with this, FGV has started anew in its RSPO certification plans. FGV had undergone a partial certification exercise in October 2016, when it was highlighted that FGV shall not be RSPO certified under the FELDA's membership. This was due to the fact that FELDA does not have controlling interest in FGV. As such, FGV needed to be certified under its own membership and the request was tabled to the RSPO Board of Governors on 7 November 2016 and approved on the same date. On the 28 December 2016, FGV received its Confirmation of Membership (RSPO) with effect from 27 December 2016.

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